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2016-04 Western Book(2)

Title / Call no. Author Publisher

The Derrida wordbook

B2430.D484 D547 2015

Maria-Daniella Dick and Julian Wolfreys Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2015

The boundary stones of thought : an essay in the philosophy of logic

BC71 R936 2015

Ian Rumfitt Oxford : Clarendon Press/Oxford University Press, 2015

The problem of knowledge

BD161 M152 2015

Douglas Clyde Macintosh London New York : Routledge, 2015

Ways of knowledge and experience

BD161 R356 2015

Louis Arnaud Reid London New York : Routledge, 2015

Theory of knowledge : an introduction

BD161 W918 2015

A. D. Woozley London New York : Routledge, 2015

Between knowledge and politics : experts and water policy reform in Brazil

BD175 G984 2008

Ricardo A. Gutierrez Saarbrücken : VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008

The limits of matter : chemistry, mining, and Enlightenment

BD646 F732 2015

Hjalmar Fors Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2015


BF121 M996 2013

David G. Myers New York, NY : Worth Publishers, c2013

The sensory basis and structure of knowledge

BF233 W344 2015

Henry J. Watt London New York : Routledge, 2015

The neuroscience of attention : attentional control and selection

BF321 N494 2012

edited by George R. Mangun New York : Oxford University Press, c2012

Place attachment : advances in theory, methods and applications

BF353 P697m 2014

edited by Lynne C. Manzo and Patrick Devine-Wright Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2014

The science of deception : psychology and commerce in America

BF637.D42 P511 2013

Michael Pettit Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, 2013

Missing out : in praise of the unlived life

BF637.S4 P558 2013

Adam Phillips London, England : Penguin Books, 2013

Sogno e sogni : natura, storia, immaginazione : ciclo di conferenze : febbraio-marzo 2002

BF1078 S682 2005

a cura di Mimma Bresciani Califano [Firenze] : L. S. Olschki, 2005

The territories of science and religion

BL240.3 H321 2015

Peter Harrison Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, c2015

Cyborg selves : a theological anthropology of the posthuman

BL256 T548 2012

Jeanine Thweatt-Bates Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012

Religious dances in the Christian church and in popular medicine

BL605 B126 1977

E. Louis Backman translated by E. Classen Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1977

God's feminist movement

BT83.55 A939 2002

Author anonymous Worcester Mass. : Silver Oalace Enterprises, 2002

Discovering the western past : a look at the evidence

CB245 W651 2015 v.2

Merry E. Wiesner ... [et al.] Stamford, CT : Cengage Learning, c2015

The impact of technology in history and archaeology

CC75.7 W913 2016

Alex Woolf Chicago, Illinois : Heinemann Raintree, a Capstone imprint, 2016

Children of the days : a calendar of human history

D21 G152 2013

Eduardo Galeano translated by Mark Fried London : Allen Lane, 2013

The culture of disaster

D24 H888 2012

Marie-Hélène Huet Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, c2012

Production of postcolonial India and Pakistan : meanings of partition

DS480.842 S968 2013

Ted Svensson London New York : Routledge, 2013

Redeeming Calcutta : a portrait of India's imperial capital

DS486.C2 R267 2012

Steve Raymer New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2012

Roads to center place : a cultural atlas of Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi

E99.P9 G118 1991

Kathryn Gabriel Boulder : Johnson Books, c1991

The streets of San Francisco : policing and the creation of a cosmopolitan liberal politics, 1950-1972

F869.S357 A265 2014

Christopher Lowen Agee Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2014

Cut stones and crossroads : a journey in the two worlds of Peru

F3425 W952 1984

Ronald Wright New York : Viking Press, 1984

Geopositioning and mobility

G109.5 G345 2013

edited by Ahmed Nait-Sidi-Moh, Mohamed Bakhouya, Jaafar Gaber, Maxime Wack London ISTE Ltd, 2013

English map-making, 1500-1650 : historical essays

GA793.5.A1 E58 1983

edited by Sarah Tyacke London : British Library, c1983

Tunguska, or the end of nature : a philosophical dialogue

GB5014 H229 2015

Michael Hampe translated by Michael Winkler Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, c2015

Environmental politics and policy

GE180 R813 2014

Walter A. Rosenbaum Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE Publicaitons : CQ Press, c2014

Some uses of anthropology : theoretical and applied

GN8 A628 1956

The Anthropological Society of Washington Washington : [Anthropological Society ], 1956

Racial science in Hitler's new Europe, 1938-1945

GN50.45.E85 R121 2013

edited by Anton Weiss-Wendt and Rory Yeomans Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2013

Medical anthropology and the world system : critical perspectives

GN296 B141 2013

Hans A. Baer, Merrill Singer, and Ida Susser Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2013

The mountain : a political history from the Enlightenment to the present

GT3490 D286 2015

Bernard Debarbieux and Gilles Rudaz translated by Jane Marie Todd with a foreword by Martin F. Price Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, c2015

Doc : a memoir

GV865.G62 A3 2013

Dwight Gooden and Ellis Henican Boston, MA : New Harvest, c2013

The hidden game of baseball : a revolutionary approach to baseball and its statistics

GV867 T496 2015

John Thorn and Pete Palmer with David Reuther foreword by Keith Law Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, [2015]

Tennis science : how player and racquet work together

GV995 T311 2015

edited by Machar Reid, Bruce Elliott & Miguel Crespo Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2015

Virtual economies : design and analysis

GV1469.15 L522 2014

Vili Lehdonvirta and Edward Castronova Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, c2014

Renovating Russia : the human sciences and the fate of liberal modernity, 1880-1930

H53.R9 B415 2008

Daniel Beer Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2008

The ant trap : rebuilding the foundations of the social sciences

H61.15 E64 2015

Brian Epstein New York, NY : Oxford University Press, c2015

Risk regulation in Europe : assessing the application of the precautionary principle

H97 T716 2013

Jale Tosun New York : Springer, c2013

Designing surveys : a guide to decisions and procedures

HA31.2 C998 2014

Johnny Blair, Ronald F. Czaja, Edward A. Blair Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE Publications, c2014

Effectuation : elements of entrepreneurial expertise

HB615 S243 2008

Saras D. Sarasvathy Cheltenham, Glos, UK Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2008

Ten billion

HB849.415 E54 2013

Stephen Emmott New York : Vintage Books, 2013

A framework for sustainable global development and the effective governance of risk

HC79.E5 B736 2010

Gregory Borne with a foreword by Luke Martell Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press, c2010

Science and technology policy for sustainable development

HC79.E5 I61s 2012

editors, Tan Kha Sheng, Dragan Soljan New Delhi : Daya Pub. House, c2012

Social innovation : solutions for a sustainable future

HC79.E5 S678 2013

Thomas Osburg, Rene Schmidpeter, editors Berlin : Springer, c2013

ASIA-PACIFIC : technology transfer handbook : strategic information, regulations, developments

HC79.T4 A832 2013

[edited by] International Business Publications, USA Washington, DC. : International Business Publications, 2013

Development through technology transfer : creating new organisational and cultural understanding

HC79.T4 S111 2000

Mohammed Saad Oxford Portland, OR, USA : Intellect, 2000

Transatlantic environment and energy politics : comparative and international perspectives

HC110.E5 T772 2009

edited by Miranda A. Schreurs, Henrik Selin, Stacy D. VanDeveer Farnham, Surrey Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2009

Dam the rivers, damn the people : development and resistence in Amazonian Brazil

HC188.A5 C971 2009

Barbara J. Cummings Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2009 ,c1990

Capital et machine à vapeur au XVIII siècle : les frères Périer et l'introduction en France d la machine à vapeur de Watt

HC275 P343 1969

Jacques Payen Paris : Mouton, c1969

Vital minimum : need, science, and politics in modern France

HC275 S592 2015

Dana Simmons Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, 2015

Deregulation, disasters, and BSE

HD61 G458 1996

Christopher Gifford Nottingham : Spokesman for European Labour Forum, [1996]

The governance of risk

HD61 G721 2013

edited by David Crowther, Güler Aras Bingley, U.K. : Emerald Group, c2013

Creating alternative futures : the end of economics

HD82 H496 1996

Hazel Henderson West Hartford, Conn. : Kumarian Press, c1996

Farm equipment supply chains : guidelines for policy-makers and service providers : experiences from Kenya, Pakistan and Brazil

HD1459 S614 2009

by Brian G. Sims and Josef Kienzle Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2009

Counter-revolution in Egypt's countryside : land and farmers in the era of economic reform

HD2123 C855 2002

edited by Ray Bush London New York : Zed Books, c2002

Self-organisation in the governance of disaster risk management : a case study on disaster risk management in Bangladesh

HD2741 H829 2011

Mokther Hossain Saarbrücken : VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2011

The philosophy of labour

HD4904 B967 2016

C. Delisle Burns London New York : Routledge, 2016

Gender capital at work : intersections of femininity, masculinity, class and occupation

HD6060.6 H958 2012

Kate Huppatz Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Selected articles on the labor movement : reprinted from the Militant 1966-67

HD6508 D632 1983

by Farrell Dobbs New York : Pathfinder Press, 1983

Transforming food waste into a resource

HD9000.5 S455 2012

Andrea Segrè and Silvia Gaiani Cambridge, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2012

Energy and climate wars : how naive politicians, green ideologues, and media elites are undermining the truth about energy and climate

HD9502.A2 G566 2010

Peter C. Glover and Michael J. Economides New York : Continuum, c2010

Energy, environment and sustainable development

HD9502.D442 U71 2012

Mohammed Aslam Uqaili, Harijan Khanji Wien London : Springer, 2010

Myths of the oil boom : American national security in a global energy market

HD9566 Y48 2015

Steve A. Yetiv New York : Oxford University Press, c2015

Exposure : from president to whistleblower at Olympus

HD9707.J34 O69 2013

Michael Woodford London : Penguin Books, 2013

China : motorcycles parts and accessories producers and exporters directory. Vol. 1, Strategic information and contacts

HD9710.C62 C539 2013 v.1

[edited by] International Business Publications, USA Washington, DC. : International Business Publications, 2013

The cycling city : bicycles and urban America in the 1890s

HE5737 F917 2015

Evan Friss Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015

That's the way it is : a history of television news in America

HE8700.8 P792 2015

Charles L. Ponce de Leon Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015

Psychosocial predictors of leadership-induced stress : how, when, and why leaders induce stress in followers implications for followers' well-being

HF5548.85 L416 2012

Olufemi Lawal Saarbrücken : LAP Lambert Academic Pub., c2012

Social support, social integration, and stress at work : a framework for theory and practice

HF5548.85 S624 2008

Petra Siwek Saarbrücken : VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008

Stress and mental health at work : a guide for union reps

HF5548.85 S915p 2011

[editor, Stephanie Peck] London : LRD Pub., 2011

Scenarios for risk management and global investment strategies

HG4538 Z66 2007

Rachel E.S. Ziemba and William T. Ziemba Chichester, England Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2007

Agricultural supply chains and the challenge of price risk

HG6046 W724 2014

John Williams New York : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2014

Sociologie des techniques de la vie quotidienne

HM221 S678 1992

sous la responsabilité de Alain Gras, Bernward Joerges et Victor Scardigli Paris : L'Harmattan, c1992

Complexités du posthumanisme : trois essais dialectiques sur la sociologie de Bruno Latour

HM477.F7 V227 2006

Frédéric Vandenberghe traduit de l'anglais par Henri Vaugrand Paris Budapest Kinshasa [etc.] : l'Harmattan, DL 2006 (14-Condé-sur-Noireau : Impr. Corlet)

Community-based participatory research

HM711 H118 2013

Karen Hacker Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE Publications, c2013

China's social development and policy : into the next stage?

HN733.5 C539 2013

edited by Litao Zhao London New York : Routledge, 2013

Anatomy of desire : the science and psychology of sex, love and marriage

HQ21 A556 1998

Simon Andreae London : Little, Brown, 1998

The Oxford handbook of the history of eugenics

HQ751 O98 2010

edited by Alison Bashford, Philippa Levine New York : Oxford University Press, c2010

The economics of an aging society

HQ1064.U5 E19 2004

Robert L. Clark ... [et al.] Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2004

Gender, Work, and Family in a Chinese Economic Zone : Laboring in Paradise

HQ1075.5.C6 R573 2013

Nancy E. Riley Dordrecht : Springer, c2013

Controversy and coalition : the new feminist movement across three decades of change

HQ1426 F382 1994

Myra Marx Ferree and Beth B. Hess New York : Twayne Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan Canada New York : Maxwell Macmillan International, c1994

Urban neighborhoods in a new era : revitalization politics in the postindustrial city

HT123 U72 2015

Clarence N. Stone ... [et al.] Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015

A slave's place, a master's world : fashioning dependency in rural Brazil

HT1126 N232 2000

Nancy Priscilla Naro London New York : Continuum, 2000

The world that changes the world : how philanthropy, innovation, and entrepreneurship are transforming the social system

HV40 W927 2010

edited by Willlie Cheng and Sharifah Mohamed Singapore : Wiley Chichester : John Wiley [distributor], c2010

Disaster forewarning diagnostic methods and management : 13-14 and 16 November, 2006, Goa, India

HV551.2 D611k 2006

Feliz Kogan ... [et al.] sponsored by SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering ... [et al.] cooperating organizations CNCRS--Chinese National Committee for Remote Sensing (China) ... [et al.] Bellingham, Wash. : SPIE, c2006

The thousand-year flood : the Ohio-Mississippi disaster of 1937

HV610 1937.M57 W446 2011

David Welky Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, 2011

Psychological effects of cocaine and crack addiction

HV5810 H749 1999

Ann Holmes Philadelphia : Chelsea House Publishers, c1999

Steroid nation : juiced home run totals, anti-aging miracles, and a Hercules in every high school : the secret history of America's true drug addiction

HV5825 A844 2007

Shaun Assael New York, N.Y. : ESPN Books, c2007

Citizen oversight of law enforcement

HV7936.C56 C581 2006

Justina Cintron Perino, editor Chicago : American Bar Association, c2006

The Marxist philosophy and the sciences

HX541 H158 2016

J. B. S. Haldane London New York : Routledge, 2016

The second birth : on the political beginnings of human existence

JA71 S291 2015

Tilo Schabert translated by Javier Ibáñez-Noé Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015

Crisis in democracy : a policy analysis of American government

JK271 R691 1978

Harrell R. Rodgers, Jr Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1978

Democratic decision-making in the EU : technocracy in disguise?

JN30 S855 2013

Anne Elizabeth Stie London New York : Routledge, 2013

Community governance, community leadership and the new local government

JS3251 C599 1998

Michael Clarke and John Stewart Layerthorpe, York : YPS for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, c1998

Law's relations : a relational theory of self, autonomy, and law

K346 N371 2011

Jennifer Nedelsky Oxford New York, N.Y. : Oxford University Press, c2011

Sustainable technology transfer : a guide to global aid and trade development

K1530.A6 S964 2012

edited by Hans Henrik Lidgard, Jeffery Atik, Tu Thanh Nguyen Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands : Kluwer Law International, c2012

Science and the precautionary principle in international courts and tribunals : expert evidence, burden of proof and finality

K3585 F754 2011

Caroline E. Foster New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011

Genetic engineering and the world trade system : world trade forum

K3927 G328 2008

edited by Daniel Wüger and Thomas Cottier Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008

Science and technology in international economic law : balancing competing interests

K3943 S416 2014

edited by Bryan Mercurio and Kuei-Jung Ni Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2014

Hazard communication handbook : a right-to-know compliance guide

KF3958 M938 1995

by Craig A. Moyer and Michael A. Francis New York, N.Y. : Clark Boardman Co., c1995

HM science learning and study skills program : people, energy, and appropriate technology

LB1049 W747 1993 v.2

developed by the Study Skills Group authors, Carol Wilson, Gary Krasnow editor, Lisa Smulyan senior editor, David Marshak editorial board, Kiyo Morimoto, Jerome Pieh Washington, D.C. : National Science Teachers Association Reston, Va. : National Association of Secondary School Principals, Ã1983

Successful inclusion : practical strategies for a shared responsibility

LC1201 K76 2000

Carol A. Kochhar, Lynda L. West, Juliana M. Taymans Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Merrill, c2000

Effective school interventions : evidence-based strategies for improving student outcomes

LC1201 R235 2008

Natalie Rathvon New York : Guilford Press, c2008

The sound of innovation : Stanford and the computer music revolution

ML33.S73 N424 2015

Andrew J. Nelson Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, c2015

My red blood : a memoir of growing up communist, coming onto the Greenwich Village folk music scene, and coming out in the feminist movement

ML420.D573 M995 2009

Alix Dobkin Los Angeles, Calif. : Alyson London : Turnaround [distributor], c2009

Guide to building services for historic buildings : sustainable services for traditional buildings

NA105 G946 2002

London : CIBSE, c2002

On the rationalization of sight : with an examination of three Renaissance texts on perspective

NC749 I95 1973

William M. Ivins, Jr. De artificiali perspectiva [by] Viator, reproducing both the 1st ed. (Toul, 1505) and the 2d ed. (Toul, 1509) New York : Da Capo Press, c1973

Creative living : London

NK2110 W562 2013

Emily Wheeler photographs by Ingrid Rasmussen London : Thames & Hudson, 2013

The performing subject in the space of technology : through the virtual, toward the real

NX180.T4 P438 2015

edited by Matthew Causey, Emma Meehan and Néill O'Dwyer New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

Communication in question : competing perspectives on controversial issues in communication studies

P91.25 C734 2008

Josh Greenberg, Charlene D. Elliott, [editors] Toronto : Thomson Nelson, c2008

The sexuality of history : modernity and the sapphic, 1565-1830

PN56.L45 L295 2014

Susan S. Lanser Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2014

Theater of the mind : imagination, aesthetics, and American radio drama

PN1991.3.U6 V522 2012

Neil Verma Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2012

Difficult men : behind the scenes of a creative revolution : from The Sopranos and The wire to Mad men and Breaking bad

PN1992.8.S4 M379 2013

Brett Martin New York : The Penguin Press, c2013

The spark of fear : technology, society and the horror film

PN1995.9.H6 D826 2015

Brian N. Duchaney Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, c2015

The cat

PN6084.C23 C357 2011

[compiled by] Ella Earle Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Summersdale, c2011

The dog

PN6084.D64 D654 2011

[compiled by] Ella Earle Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Summersdale, c2011

Demons : encounters with the devil and his minions, fallen angels, and the possessed

PS648.H6 D384 2011

edited with commentary by John Skipp New York : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, c2011

Collected poems

PS3527.A15 P744 2013

Vladimir Nabokov edited and introduced by Thomas Karshan containing new translations by Dmitri Nabokov London : Penguin Books, 2013

How to recognize a demon has become your friend

PS3551.D3985 H847 2011

by Linda Addison cover & interior art by Jill Bauman [S.l.] : Necon E-Books, c2011

Blue plate special : an autobiography of my appetites

PS3553.H716 Z46 2013

Kate Christensen New York : Doubleday, c2013

Flight behaviour : a novel

PS3561.I496 F621 2012

Barbara Kingsolver London : Faber and Faber, c2012

Passion for the game

PS3604.A9875 P288 2012

Sylvia Day London, England : Penguin Books, 2012

Science centres and science events : a science communication handbook

Q105.D44 S416 2013

Anne-Marie Bruyas, Michaela Riccio, editors Milan New York : Springer, c2013

What did the Romans know? : an inquiry into science and worldmaking

Q124.95 L524 2014

Daryn Lehoux Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2014, (paperback, 2012)

Science, technology and innovation policy for the future : potentials and limits of foresight studies

Q125 S416m 2013

Dirk Meissner, Leonid Gokhberg, Alexander Sokolov. editors Berlin London : Springer, c2013

At the nexus : science policy

Q127.U6 A861 1996

edited by Dennis L. Soden Commack, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, c1996

Beyond utopia : science, values, and the citizen

Q158.5 H772 1996

John C. Honey New York : Vantage Press, c1996

Science and future choice

Q158.5 S416 1979 v.2

edited by Philip W. Hemily and M.N. Özdaş Oxford : Clarendon Press New York : Oxford University Press, 1979

Crossing over : where art and science meet

Q171 G698 2000

Stephen Jay Gould and Rosamond Wolff Purcell New York : Three Rivers Press, c2000

Views of nature

Q171 H919 2014

Alexander von Humboldt translated by Mark W. Person edited by Stephen T. Jackson and Laura Dassow Walls Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2014

The struggle for the long-term in transnational science and politics : forging the future

Q172 S927 2015

edited by Jenny Andersson and Eglė Rindzevičiūtė New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015

Science, technology and innovation indicators in a changing world : responding to policy needs

Q172.5.S34 S416 2007

Paris : OECD, c2007

Present at the future : from evolution to nanotechnology, candid and controversial conversations on science and nature

Q173 F586 2008

Ira Flatow New York : Collins, 2008 ,c2007

Thomas Kuhn's revolutions : a historical and an evolutionary philosophy of science?

Q175.K953 M322 2015

James A. Marcum London New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2015

Science education for citizenship : teaching socio-scientific issues

Q175.5 R233 2003

Mary Ratcliffe and Marcus Grace Maidenhead : Open University Press, 2003

Sociology and unpredictability in the growth of science and technology

Q175.5 T745 2002

Charles Hard Townes edited by Jyotirmoy Dutta Kolkata : Asiatic Society, 2002

Creating effective undergraduate research programs in science : the transformation from student to scientist

Q180.A1 C912 2008

edited by Roman Taraban and Richard L. Blanton New York : Teachers College Press, c2008

Science and social science research in British India, 1780-1880 : the role of Anglo-Indian associations and government

Q180.I5 E47 1991

Edward W. Ellsworth New York : Greenwood Press, 1991

Citizen science guide for families : taking part in real science

Q180.55.C54 L256 2013

Greg Landgraf Chicago : Huron Street Press, c2013

Science education and citizenship : fairs, clubs and talent searches for American youth, 1918-1958

Q182.4 T334 2013

Sevan G. Terzian New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Gender, science & the undergraduate curriculum : building two-way streets

Q183.3.A1 G325 2001

edited by Caryn McTighe Musil Washington, DC : Association of American Colleges and Universities, c2001

The Halle Orphanage as scientific community : observation, eclecticism, and pietism in the early Enlightenment

Q183.4.G32 W615 2015

Kelly Joan Whitmer Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2015

Constructing culture of science : communication of science in India and China

Q223 C758 2011

edited by Gauhar Raza ... [et al.] New Delhi : National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) & China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRISP), 2011

Statistical learning and data science

Q325.5 S797 2012

edited by Mireille Gettler Summa ... [et al.] Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2012

Object-oriented technology : from diagram to code with Visual Paradigm for UML

QA76.64 T877 2005 附光碟一片

Curtis H.K. Tsang, Clarence S.W. Lau, Ying K. Leung Singapore : McGraw-Hill, c2005

Thinking ahead -- essays on big data, digital revolution, and participatory market society

QA76.9.D343 H474 2015

Dirk Helbing Cham : Springer, c2015

Mathematical techniques : an introduction for the engineering, physical, and mathematical sciences

QA300 J82 2008

D.W. Jordan and P. Smith Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, c2008

Vulnerability and risk assessment in Apodi-Mossoro estuary, NE Brazil

QC903.2.B7 B724 2011

Mukesh Boori Saarbrücken : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, c2011

Chemistry and chemical techniques in India

QD18.I3 C517 1999

edited by B.V. Subbarayappa Delhi : Project of History of Indian Science Philosophy, and Culture Centre for Studies in Civilizations New Delhi : Distributed by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 1999

The earthquake observers : disaster science from Lisbon to Richter

QE539 C672 2013

Deborah R. Coen Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2013, (paperback, 2014)

The essential naturalist : timeless readings in natural history

QH9 E78 2011

edited by Michael H. Graham, Joan Parker, and Paul K. Dayton Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, 2011

Letters to a young scientist

QH31.W64 A4 2013

Edward O. Wilson New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, c2013

Creation : how science is reinventing life itself

QH325 R975 2013

Adam Rutherford New York : Current, c2013

What has nature ever done for us? : how money really does grow on trees

QH541.15.E267 J95 2013

Tony Juniper foreword by HRH the Prince of Wales London : Profile Books, 2013

Visible empire : botanical expeditions & visual culture in the Hispanic Enlightenment

QK21.S7 B646 2012

Daniela Bleichmar Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2012

A history of taxidermy : art, science and bad taste

QL63 M877 2010

P.A. Morris Ascot, Berkshire : MPM Pub. : P.A. Morris, 2010

Volterra-Hamilton models in the ecology and evolution of colonial organisms

QL364.5 A634 1996

P.L. Antonelli, R.H. Bradbury Singapore River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, c1996

Micro/nano technology systems for biomedical applications : microfluidics, optics, and surface chemistry

QT36.5 M626h 2010

edited by Chih-Ming Ho Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2010

The world's healthiest foods : essential guide for the healthiest way of eating

QU145 M425 2007

George Mateljan Seattle, Wash. : George Mateljan Foundation, c2007

Race in a bottle : the story of BiDil and racialized medicine in a post-genomic age

QV151 K12 2013

Jonathan Kahn New York : Columbia University Press, [2013]

Community-based prevention : reducing the risk of cancer and chronic disease

QZ200 C734 2013

David McLean ... [et al.] Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2013

Agriculture in China, 1949-2030

S471.C6 A278 1998

T.C. Tso, Francis Tuan, Miklos Faust, editors Beltsville, MD : IDEALS, 1998

Results from the FAO biotechnology forum : background and dialogue on selected issues

S494.5.B563 R894 2006

by John Ruane and Andrea Sonnino Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2006

Agriculture durable & nouvelle révolution verte

S494.5.S86 K11 2008

Gérard Kafadaroff [préface de Roland Douce] Paris : Le Publieur, c2008

Direct application of phosphate rock and related appropriate technology-latest developments and practical experiences : proceedings of an international meeting : July 16-20, 2001, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

S647 D598 2003

edited by S.S.S. Rajan and S.H. Chien Muscle Shoals, AL : IFDC-an International Center for Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development, [2003]

Vegetables : a biography

SB320.5 B651 2013

Evelyne Bloch-Dano translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan Chicago London : University of Chicago Press, 2012, (paperback, 2013)

Forest fire research & wildland fire safety : proceedings of the IV International Conference on Forest Fire Research, 2002 Wildland Fire Safety Summit, Luso, Coimbra, Portugal, 18-23 November 2003

SD420.6 I61 2002 附光碟一片

edited by Domingos Xavier Viegas Rotterdam, Netherlands : Millpress, 2002

Risk communication : a handbook for communicating environmental, safety, and health risks

T10.68 L962 2013

Regina E. Lundgren, Andrea H. McMakin Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley : IEEE Press, c2013

The technical image : a history of styles in scientific imagery

T11.8 T255 2015

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